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    Script Glitch. HELP



      Script Glitch. HELP


           I was doing some edditng on my scripts and all of the sudden an alert window pops up saying "The script cannot be found or has be deleted."

           I deleted an earlier scirpt that was a button on a filed but made a new script in its palce.

           The script still works after the alert window goes down.

           I just want to get rid of this alert window.

           Can someones help me here?


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               The script that you delete is connect to another script or a button on your layout.  You will have to update the item to your new script.   If it automatically popup on the screen when you open the layout then I would look at a script trigger on your layout.

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                 One script can use the Perform Script script step to perform another script. If you can identify the script being performed when this message appears, open it in the script editor and check for a Perform Script script step that attempts to perform a script that no longer exists.