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Question asked by Thicks on Mar 3, 2009
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Script help


I have written the following script but it is not working correctly I need to modify it so that it only grabs my Employee_g repititions 11-15> I think I need to change the set varible. Please help if you can


Set Error capture [on]

Allow User Abort [off]

set variable [$ctr; value:0]

set variable [$max; value10]




set variable [$ctr; value$ctr+1]


Set field [dataentry::employee_g; getrepetition9dataentry::EmployeeS#; $ctr$var70]


If [dataentry::employee_g]


go to layout ["BcaseRespondentsLetter"(dataentry)]


Print setup



goto layout [original layout]


end if


exit loop if [$ctr=$max]


end loop