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Question asked by natsoltree on Jun 16, 2009
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script help


I am stuck on figuring out how to write a script which can add (or subtract) a numbered entry in a series of a specific fields through an entire database.  My program is a tree inventory in which unique tree data is entered for a specific plant.  If a tree is removed from the property, I want to script a button which will change the tree number from a specific point in the inventory by lessening the data by one.  ie: a property has 1256 trees which were inventoried.  A month later tree 612 falls down and is not a part of the inventory anymore.  I want to have a button which eliminates tree 612 and changes the sequence through the entire data base.  I would also like to have a button which does the opposite where if a tree is planted, the opposite happens across the data base whereas adding to the numbering sequence.  Any help is much appreciated' - John