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Question asked by schnook on Jun 7, 2010
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Script Help


Hello all'


Am having trouble with the script below. Any help would be great.




@NumbersOnly = TextFormatRemove(Filter(Phone_Mobile; "0123456789"));




Length(@NumbersOnly) = 10;


Left(@NumbersOnly; 4) & "-" &


Middle(@NumbersOnly; 3; 3) & "-" &


Right(@NumbersOnly; 3);


Length(@NumbersOnly) = 8;


"07-" &


Left(@NumbersOnly; 4) & "-" &


Right(@NumbersOnly; 4);




The blue bit seem to be working what it does is put an area code in front of a home phone number e.g.. 07-4341-3689.


The bit i am having trouble with is the bit above the blue text, What this is supposed to do is e.g.. 0498-454-768.


But if i enter a mobile phone number say 0401257687, is should look like this 0401-257-687, But it come out like this 0401-017-687 it is replacing the first 2 numbers in the Middle Numbers with that of the last 2 Numbers in the Left Numbers. Hope this makes sense.


Any ideas???


I am using Filmmaker Pro 11 Advanced on a Windows XP PC with Service PC 3.