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Question asked by MStephens on Oct 5, 2010
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My database is on an FM server.  I have an email script for registration confirmation.  I use to be the only one that used it.  The PDF was saved on a shared folder.  I had a filewin and filemac line to save.  Now the FS1 here at work is overriding permission's and the IT's have not figured it out.  In the meantimes I would like to save the PDF locally.  There are 4 of us that would be using this script.  I do not, if possible, want 4 lines going to each user, but rather would like to have 1 line that whoever was on, it would recognize their username and save.


filewin:/C:/Users/jdoe/Desktop/2009 Registration Confirmation.pdf

filewin:/C:/Users/jsmith/Desktop/2009 Registration Confirmation.pdf

filewin:/C:/Users/tdoe/Desktop/2009 Registration Confirmation.pdf

filewin:/C:/Users/tsmith/Desktop/2009 Registration Confirmation.pdf

How could I combine into one line, or am I 'stuck' with 4 lines?