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Question asked by mcoslo on Dec 15, 2010
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Script help


Hey all,

I've been using FMP for years, but I'm stumped on this one - and I think by this time it is a mental block and I'll probably feel pretty stupid once it is figured out.

I'm trying to make up a script to do the following:

I have contact logs that start out life in Excel format. I bring each log into FMP 11, and from there I want to:

check the county entries.

There are 67 different counties.

Each county is a three letter acronym. Typical is ADA for Adams county. These are in a field named "his_exchange"

There may be multiple instances of any county in that field for different contacts.

If a county is found, I want a numerical value entered in another field, named for the County. The value is always 1. If not find th ecounty in any of the "his_exchange" field  I want a return of 0 to be placed in the county  field.

The maximum value for the field named for the county is never greater than one - multiple contacts in that county don't count after the first contact.

After getting the 67 counties either with a 1 or a 0 in the field named for the county, I want to sum up the total counties contacted. last part is easy, but the interim stuff has me stumped.