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Question asked by kurtnivy on Mar 25, 2011
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script help


I am new to filemaker. But excited to be learning it. After thousands of dollars of loans for Devry university I figured I would be better off learning just one program then a little about all the microsoft stuff.

Here's my question with background details:

I have set my form up with two tabs. First tab is Bills and second tab is Web Site.  I would like to click on a label from Bills tab that will open a web page in the second tab(Web Site).  For example if I have a label that says AT&T on Bills tab I would like to click that label and have the web site tab open up and show the AT&T web page.  

Better yet would be to have my monthly amount due show up in my field on the bills tab automatically. I am not sure if that can be done or allowed. If it can't I need to log into my AT&T account page and look at my amount due then put it manually into the field on my Bills tab. All with out leaving filemaker.

Any help would be most appreciated.