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Question asked by MehrdadBastan on May 28, 2012
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Hi Everyone

Please help me figure out what I need to do. I am a self thought FM user and love learning more. Last year I developed a Schedule solution for my work which worked pretty good however I've been adding more and more functionality to it.

Now I feel I am stuck so I could use your help.

I have about 20 photographers which go to schools for photo shoot & they need to know where they go each and everyday. In the example below I have 2 school one needs photographer for only one day and the other need photographer for 2 days.

The fields are

School name

Shoot date Jan1/2000

Photographer1 Day 1    (John)   Photographer2 Day 1   ( Steve)

Photographer1 Day 2    (Steve)  Photographer2 Day 2


I have a script that will find the schools in a date range provided.

Enter Find mode[Restore]

Set Field (School_Info::Start Date & "..." & School_Info::End Date)

Perform Find[]

What I need if a script that will add the the same school to the next day if it is a 2 day job


School 1 is scheduled for Jan/1/2000 and Jan/2/2000 but only one photographer need to go back and finish up.

School 2 is scheduled for Jan/1/2000 only


the script should bring back something like this in the sub-summery report.

Jan 1/2000

school 1 -- Photographers John, Steve

School 2 -- Photographers Jane, Ben

Jan 2/2000

School 1-- Photographer Steve

School 3-- Photographer John, Michelle

and so on and so forth

I'll be more than happy to send anyone the clone version of the file if it helps understanding my dilemma.