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Question asked by Annette on Jul 18, 2013
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     was hoping to get some help with what i thought was a simple script that isn't working.

     On a layout I have various fields, name, data of bith, address, etc. 

     I'm trying to build a script to make sure key fields are completed and not left blank, key fields being first, last name and date of birth.  I was trying to build it in steps since I still am learning.  Tried starting with checking on DOB.  I have the following script on button, if the data of birth field is blank i want it to prompt to complete it, if it's not blank then proceed to layout.  It's prompting me when the dob is blank but then once i fill it in when i click button again to move on it doesn't go to the layout. 

SetVariable [$NoData; Value;""]

If [IsEmpty (client info::DOB)]

Set variable [$NoData; Value: $NoData & "DOB MIssing"]

If [IsEmpty ($NoData)]

Go to layout [MainMenu]


show custom dialog ["Enter DOB"; "Client date of birth is required"]

End if

End if

     What am I doing wrong that it won't move to the layout once I have filled in the empty field??  Once I get it right I want to add more if statements to check for a couple of other blank fields but wanted to make sure I got one to work first.

     Thanks for the help!