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Question asked by TinaBrown on Feb 16, 2014
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Script help



     I have a script set up to alert me when sponsorship invoices are due.

     This is a related table portal where the information is coming from.

     When I have done the invoice I put an invoice number in the "Invoice #" field.

     I would like my script to run but NOT include any records that have text in the "Invoice #"

     Could someone please advise what I need to include in my script to make this happen.

     This is currently the script I have

     Go To Layout ["Contact Details" (PLAYERS)]
     Enter Find Mode [] // clear the pause check box
     Set Field [sponsorship_PLAYERS::Invoice Due; Get ( CurrentDate ) &”…”&Get (CurrentDate) + 30]
     Set Error capture [on]
     Perform Find []
     If [Get ( FoundCount ) ]
         Show Custom Dialog ["Invoiced Due";"Do Invoices."]
     End If