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Script help - Report showing dates prior to today

Question asked by on Jun 11, 2010
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Script help - Report showing dates prior to today


Hello gang.  I've been working on this all day and looking at other posts and I'm stumped.  I'm working in FM Pro 11 Windows and am trying to create a simple found set for one of my reports. 


I have a field called "FOLLOWUPDATE" and I want to add to my OnLayoutEnter script to "find" records where this field is less than or equal to today.  The idea is that one of my users can log into this report in the morning and check on anything they need to follow up on for that day or anything they missed from days prior.


From what I've read, I need to add a "set field" function.  I've been trying variations of this all day:


Set Field [ issueTable::FOLLOWUPDATE ; "≥" & Day( Get (CurrentDate) )]


I keep getting an error after my semicolon stating that an operator is expected here.  Is this possibly because at the bottom of my "specify calculation" window it states my calculation must be text?


Here is what I have so far:















Any advice would be so very much appreciated.