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Script help for double find and sort

Question asked by precociousninja on Aug 19, 2010
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Script help for double find and sort


Hi I am still not as good with filemaker as I should be and I am trying to write a script that runs two finds and then sorts the results.  One of the finds and sorts works perfectly yet when I tried to add the second find, I cannot seem to get the script to work.  

Here is the specific situation.  I need the first find to  find all records that are related to "Band A" while the second find finds all records whose "date is > today"  then I need all the records sorted from today (if no record shows today, then it shows the next date there is a record for) into the far future in order.  

Right Now, my script looks like this:

Enter Find More []
Set Field [show::date_show[">=" & Get ( Current Date)]]
Set Error Capture [On]
Perform Find [Restore]
Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog]
Go to Record/Request/Page [First]

I have tried the following find for the script "show:: artist: [Band A]" alone as well as two finds in the find section.  The two being: "show:: artist: [Band A]" as well as "show::date_show: [>=//]"

The sort is by "date_show" (ascending).  

I have them set up to be triggered upon layout load yet when I open the layout, I get all records from Band A not just today into the future.  So records whose dates are as old as 1996 are showing up upon layout load.  

Does anyone see where I am making the error(s)?  Thanks in advance.