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    Script Help for newbie



      Script Help for newbie


      Hi all,

      My first post on here and still finding my way around FileMaker pro, but I need some help.

      I have a database up and running and working pretty much as I want, but was looking for a way to add a script to a date field that would trigger a notification (email possibly) when a certain period of time had elapsed from that date.

      for example, if the date entered in the field was 01/01/15 and the schedule was quaterly, I would like to set a notification when that date was say 11 weeks old - as a reminder to perform certain checks as required on that specific file.

      thanks in advance





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          What you can do is set up a script that performs a find for all records where one field indicates that the notice has not yet been sent and the date is X days older than the date returned by Get ( CurrentDate ).

          If your file is hosted from FileMaker Server, a schedule can run such a script once a night.

          If it is not, you might use fileOptions to set up a script to run each time you open or each time that you close the file.

          There are also ways to use a scheduling utility such as Windows Scheduled Tasks to run this script on a schedule.

          For examples of scripts that perform finds, see: Scripted Find Examples