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Script help needed please

Question asked by schnook on Jun 24, 2010
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Script help needed please


Hello All,


Don't understand programming so please bear with me.


I am trying to copy and paste data from certain fields in one layout to other fields in a different Layout via a script trigger.


Below is a script that i am trying to get to work, don't know if it's the wright way to do it or not, what it is doing so far is going to the Layout and creating a new record but it is not pasting the data into the fields. Any help would be great.


If [New Radio Log:Overnight = "YES"]  (This where the script is triggered)

Copy [Select; New Radio Log::Frequency]

Copy [Select; New Radio Log::From]

Copy [Select; New Radio Log::Vessel Names]

Copy [Select; New Radio Log:Persons on Board]

Copy [Select; New Radio Log::Mobile Phone]

Copy [Select; New Radio Log:Position]

Go To Layout ["Overnight Log" (Overnight Log)]

New Record/Request Paste [Overnight log::Frequency]

Paste [Overnight log::Vessel Registration]

Paste [Overnight log::Vessel Name]

Paste [Overnight log:POB]

Paste [Overnight log::Mobile Phone]

Paste [Overnight log:Position]

End If



schnook .