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Script help please?

Question asked by DavidKing on Nov 9, 2014
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Script help please?


Hi all,

I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 for Windows.

I have a database which is for basketball, and a key field which is a text field made up of Date & Venue & Game number.

It is only a flat file database at the moment.

I can rank the players by games played at all venues, in this particular game, using a script that sorts by Key and Games Played and looping a running count and restarting the summary for each sorted group.

However, I want to have the minimum number of all games played by a player in a script based on the sorting of the key field and games played in ascending order.

In other words, I can't do it the way of a ranking script because, there is no option to restart the summary for each sorted group when you use the Minimum option.


I would like to have the date venue and game number list of players, (which I already have), but need to have the minimum number of games ever played by a player next to each player in a script.

So if the minimum number of games played by any player is 3, then 3 is placed in a field next to all players for that game, based on the key field.

I would like an automated script because there are hundreds of games and players.

I have the rankings and they work perfectly in a script.

Any ideas of help most appreciated.