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Script Help Request (Save As PDF)

Question asked by Tbear on Aug 11, 2011
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Script Help Request (Save As PDF)


I want to Script a "Save As PDF" button on an Invoice (report form) layout that ultimately gets emailed to customers so that I have a copy in another folder on my PC of all invoices sent.

I know how to specify the path into the right folder but I need to give each PDF a different name (customer's name/date) and I can't figure out how to make the script stop at the Windows dialog box that allows one to name the new file before it saves it.

Thanks to the help I got I have now been able to come up with the correct script and all is well except for one thing that may not even be a FMP 11 issue. When I go to the folder that contains all my saved PDF's and I try to open one, Windows makes me choose the program (which is Adobe of course) and it won't let me check the box for "Always open this type of file with this program". If I just do a non-script "Save As PDF" the files open right up without having to choose a program. What could be causing this little problem?

NEVER MIND - I forgot to add ".pdf" to the $Filename variable calculation.