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Script Help: can't navigate to related JOIN table

Question asked by RaimieHedman on Jul 19, 2015
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Script Help: can't navigate to related JOIN table



Okay I need some help because I can't figure out what's wrong here.


I created a script to delete a join table record, but for some reason the "Go to related record" command doesn't take me to what I think is the related join table record in a portal to the 3rd table I'm joined to.


This command is being executed from a button in a portal that brings up the data from the joined table (rather than the join table, itself.)


I thought I created a workaround by going to the related table record, then going into the join table from that side (with a 2nd "go to related record" command) but it turns out that's deleting seemingly random join records as well. So now I'm at a loss.


Long question short: when I have tables A and B joined by JOINC, how do I navigate to the related JOINC record via script to execute a command to delete it?


Just for troubleshooting's sake, I included a pic of the relationships in question. I want to delete a record from "JOINWritingProjectsResearchNotes" when I'm executing it from a script on a button in a form from "WritingProjects"


Script reads (I'm truncating the dialog box line here!)


If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice )=1//OK was clicked] ]

    Go to Related Record [ From table: "JOINWritingProjectResearchNotes" ; Using layout: "JOINSWritingProjectsResearchNotes" (JOINWritingProjectsResearchNotes) ]

End If