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Script in calc field

Question asked by RockSure on Apr 22, 2015
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Script in calc field


Looking for a way to hard code a script to have 2  portions of a text string run 2 scripts.

Example I have 3 calc field, 2 that count records from a related tables and a 3rd that calls the Category field, ProductName field and the 2 count fields. Resulting in 

Category: Electrical  1900 Box  Number of Files: 3   Pictures: 2

I would like the 3 and the 2 to be scripts that would take you to that related table.

I have done this with empty text box via button setup/preform script and it works however if my Category or Product name results in a shorter values it moves the results of the 3 and 2 further to the left and my empty layover text boxes stay put. So I thought there may be a way to hard code the GoToRelated Script in a cal field for a portion of the text and or slide the layover boxes as needed. 
I know I could place a 4 fields on the form but would not look as comprehensive and leave gaps. 

hope this make sense