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script inserts correct value, then reverts

Question asked by cannolo on Jan 10, 2011
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script inserts correct value, then reverts


I have set up a simple script that creates a new record, then inserts a textual script parameter into a text field. I reuse the script for five or six buttons, each with its own parameter.

When I run it, I can see the new parameter appear briefly in the field -- but then the value from the previous record appears instead.

For example, say that in the first record's field named "Fruit," the script has inserted "Banana." Then I run the script again with a new script parameter, and a new record is created, and the new parameter "Apple" is inserted. Then, within a second or two, "Banana" appears and "Apple" has disappeared. So in two records, I have two bananas and no apples. Weird! What could be happening here?