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    Script Interference from Another Application



      Script Interference from Another Application


      OS: Mac OSX 10.5 

      Version: Filemaker 10


      While testing a script today I had an interesting issue come up.


      While the script was executing, a notification window popped up from my email client informing me of a newly received message.  This window requires acknowledgment before you can access other windows on the desktop.  After closing this notification window I noted that my Filemaker script was stuck in a recursive loop - I was aware of where it was stuck in the script based on the screen output.  This required a forced quit of Filemaker.  My questions:


      1) Is it possible that the notification window from the email client caused the script to hiccup and that the window interfered precisely at the moment the loop was being executed?

      2) Are we talking about fractions of seconds that we cannot measure making this an improbable occurrence?

      3) Any thoughts on whether this is an issue specific with my email client (which is a solution developed by my employer) or is it possible with other applications that open notification windows?

      4) Has anybody else encountered this?

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          Thank you for your post.


          If the script runs normally without the interruption from the email client, then it is probable the email client is interfering with FileMaker Pro.  Is there a reason why you don't use Apple Mail on your Mac?  This does not interfere with FileMaker processing.



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            Thank you for the response, it is helpful to have my initial belief reinforced.  I work at a college and the email client was developed here on-campus many years ago.  I don't use this particular client for my mac or pc because it has some limitations for my needs.  Nevertheless, 38 of 40 users who will be using the solution I am developing exclusively use the college-developed e-mail client; and although that client is being phased out over the next year, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn't run into a similar problem with a new client.


            For me to be using that particular client (rare) and receive an email notification in the middle of a script (even more rare) must have been like winning a testing lottery.