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Script issue

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Mar 17, 2014
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Script issue




     I have a Layout on which  created a pop-up menu to display the Rooms available for each Floor Level

     Once a Room is selected > User has to select one or many combinations in order to access room attributes 


- User selects a level > Then Room 210 > Then Combination A, B and D > He sees capacities and dimensions of room 210 A,B D. 

- If combination does not exists > Message is displayed 

- User can erase selection 

- User can deselect a button by Clicking on it a 2nd TIME 

- If user selects Room 210 he can also select the combination named " All"  to display the details related to the fullest combination possible

MY ISSUE IS THAT When Clicking on "ALL" Twice it does not clear the selection


     Please see attached a copy of the script. 

     Details regarding script: 

     - A number is attached to each combination

     - For the combination (All) the associated number is 999

     - The script consists in setting the associated number into the field "Selection_Salle_t" 

     - The content of "Selection_Salle_t" is reordered into the field "Lien_Salle_t" which the field that determines what attributes are displayed.