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Script issue , for when changing records

Question asked by HugoLidia on Dec 21, 2009
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Script issue , for when changing records


Using Windows XP SP3 & FMP 10


On our Clients layout we have a portal to their associated policies below which is a tab control linked to a TO of the policies record and which displays the relevant policy details.


What I want to do is have as a default the blank tab control, so that whilst a User is just browsing through the client records no policy details are displayed, because the this would be the last viewed policy record and may not be relevant to the client record curently being viewed.  When the User then finds the client they wish to deal with they click on the policy number field in the portal and the relevant policy details are displayed.  However, once they have commited this policy and any amendments and then want to move/navigate to another client I want to set the tab control back to the default blank sheet.


I have tried setting this on the tab control OnObjectSave trigger, but this is not right.


Any suggestions how I can achieve the two bits I am struggling with?