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Script issue help

Question asked by sly_1 on Nov 29, 2011
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Script issue help


I will try ny best to explain this.


1. I have a services rendered report for multiple programs. (works awesome)

2. I have a monthly report that i enter all services rendered in for counts and revenue. (works awsome)

3. im tired of manually entering this in.

so ive created a script to do the following.

4. from monthly report, it will go to services rendered and it will do enter find mode, go to teh feilds and teh text i want. then copy paste to monthly report. (works awesome.

5. if the find comes back as (no records match this set of find requests) i hit cancel it kills the script or i hit continue and it will enter the last set of numbers from the previous find.

How can i have this just skip it all together if the find brings nothing back and have it move forward.


hope this helps.