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Script Issue in Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by BreitenbushIT on Feb 10, 2009
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Script Issue in Instant Web Publishing


I am having a strange issue with a database which I am sharing via "Instant Web Publishing".


I have two layouts in the database.  The first is the standard view of the data with all fields read only.  You can click an "edit" button which takes you to the second layout in which all data can be modified.  There are two buttons on this layout.. one is "Save" which commits the record and goes back to the standard view layout.  The second button is a "Cancel" button which SHOULD revert the record and go back to the standard view.  


It is the second button which isn't working properly (the "Cancel" button).  It takes you back to the standard view layout.. but does not revert the record.  This all works fine while in Filemaker itself.. but doesn't work correctly when accessing the database via Instant Web Publishing.


The button script is as follows:

Revert Record/Request [No dialog]

Go to Layout ["Simple View"]


If I take out the "Go to Layout" script step it successfully reverts the record.  


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!  :)