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Script Issue?  Tab Control Issue?

Question asked by jdhelle on Dec 30, 2009
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Script Issue?  Tab Control Issue?


FMP 10.0V3 - MAC 


I have a very modified "Music Library" created from the Quick Start menu.  If you are familiar with this layout, there is one page with multiple tabs.  Each of my tabs represent a certain type of record - example Edison Blue Amberol, Diamond Disc, etc.  Everything was working without issues.  Today I added 2 additional tabs using Tab Control Setup and added the fields which I want displayed.  Then, like the other tabs, I added a button that activates a script to find that specific type of record(s).  When I select the button and it finds the records, but the display shifts to the left and then I have to use the scroll bar to move it back into place.  It only happens on these two new tabs.  Any ideas?