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    Script Library?



      Script Library?


      Does anyone know where I can find a library of Scripts or Script samples?


      I am using FM10.


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          I must assume you are new to FMP because most scripts are only useful for the database it was written on.

          You can find some script samples in databases located in the English Extras folder (under Templates and Tutorial).

          You can also access some free tutorial videos on youtube.


          good luck!

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            Well, yes ... I am new to FM.  But I sort of assumed that there are some general functions that could be templatized or exemplified with 'fill in specific logic here' , such as import & data cleansing, staging and migrating, issuing & emailing automated reports of daily activity or database content stats, etc.


            I am actually working on a script to parse & migrate an import staging table to production tables.  It seems like there could be a variety of reasonably reusable components that could be illustrated in samples.

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                 Beauty of FMP and FMS is that it is so fast and easy to write something in. Almost easier to start from scratch.
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                Start from scratch: ... as I do have a coding background, I tend to agree that starting from scratch is my strong preference once I know the language / environment.


                As a learner/newbie, I always learn better by looking at other folk's well documented examples.

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                  Thank you for your posts.


                  The best starting point is to pull down the File menu and select New Database.  Select any of the sample template files, as they contain several scripts.  I just created a new database file using the Event Management template, and it looks like there are 30-40 scripts enclosed.  This should provide a good starting point.



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