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Script mystery

Question asked by NormD on Jan 11, 2015


Script mystery


Here's something that baffles me. Each week I populate a FMP template I created that (manually) imports 75 records from a downloaded "plain jane" .dbf file. One of the fields contain a 4 digit number of which the first three digits could have duplicates. ie. 001, 001A, 001B, 002, 003, 003A... and so on. With the help of this community I have created a script that keeps the first number and eliminates the duplicates... so I'm left with 001, 002, 003... It takes about 20 seconds to perform the script on the 75 records. Today I added an "Import Records" to the top of the script to eliminate the manual import I was doing separately and now FMP breezes through these 75 records in about 2 seconds! I don't understand how adding another process to the scrip made it faster.