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Script not going to correct layout

Question asked by ThomasStout on Mar 6, 2010
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Script not going to correct layout


I just upgraded from FM 6 to FM 10 Advanced on a Mac and am having some trouble with scripts that used to work just fine.  The problem is that the script doesn't go to the correct layout but stays where it started.  I've run Script Debugger and it doesn't seem to recognize that there's an error. 


Here's the part of the script where it goes awry:


If [IsValid(Date of Injury::Date of Injury)]

Go to Layout ["Client Resources" (Clients)


I've checked and there is a Valid Date of Injury in that field.  There's also a layout called "Client Resources" in a file called Clients.fp7 but through a data resource path called Clients. 


How do I fix this?