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Question asked by JessOttman on Jul 2, 2013
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     Hi all,

     I have a thermal transfer label printer which i have set up with its own software. By the look of this software it is fairly basic and is similar to a word document setup. With this printer i have a continuous roll of adhesive label tape in 3 sizes.

     I work in a company where these labels will be used constantly and not just for basic labelling either. These labels must have id codes, working pressures, date of manufacture etc.

     I have three layouts in filemaker pro 11 which the users have to be able to alternate through. This is where i set up my script triggers to change the print settings as it enters each layout. ie if i enter the 1" layout and the printer is set to 25mm x 90mm in the script trigger it should automatically pick up these settings. This however doesnt happen!

     When i look at the printer properties through filemaker i have to set  ALL the options again. Once set up they are fine for the rest of the day. One of the biggest problems is that the tape doesnt cut due to the settings not being kept.

     I've looked at the software printer settings and changed it here also but still it doesnt keep. I ve also gone throught the startup menu to change the settings there too and to no avail also.

     Any ideas or input welcome 


     Thank you