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Script not longer works (after working fine for years)

Question asked by robyne on Apr 30, 2013
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Script not longer works (after working fine for years)


     Using Filemaker 12/Server on Mac OS 10.7 & 10.8

     I have a script that basically looks to find everything greater than zero and less than zero for a calculation field [current balance:  this is an aging report].  I've never had a problem until today.

     Now it finds everything including zero balances.

     1.  Is this a corrupted file problem?  

     2.  If so, how do I figure out how to resolve the issue?  I just had to do a restore for a corrupted record last month - this requires taking everyone offline which is extremely disruptive.  Could the indexing problem from that corruption still lurking?

     3.  If not, how to I get it to work?  fyi, the find does not work manually either.

     4.  The field does calculate the correct current balance for a given account.