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Script opened from separate file pauses (no 'pause' step)

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jul 30, 2013
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Script opened from separate file pauses (no 'pause' step)


     We have two files we are dealing with, and there are scripts in the second file that get called from the first file.  The first file has a simple button definiton ('perform script') which points to the script in the second file.  If you click the button the first file churns for a few seconds, and then the 'continue/cancel' buttons show up in the toolbar (i.e. the script has paused).  There are no 'pause' script steps in this script, however.  (The script is fairly simple:  does a layout switch, find, perform find kind of thing.  The window it opens is not hidden ever.)

     If I open debugger at the point of the pausing, it shows the script in question (i.e. the one pointed to by the button).  If I go to the next step while in the debugger at this point, the debugger goes blank (does it finish running?) and the 'pause' buttons on the toolbar disappear.  The DB is opened, but there are no visible windows. 

     If I have the debugger open BEFORE hitting the button, the script works just fine: no pausing. 

     If the 2nd file is already open and has a visible window when the button is pressed, then it works just fine.  If the 2nd file is open (Window -> Show Window from the menu, it is listed) but has NO window visible then it doesn't appear to do anything (visually), it doesn't even go into 'pause' mode.  If the 2nd file is open with a visible window, clicking the button in the first file appears to work normally, i.e. the other window changes to the proper layout/found set.

     Pause on Error is NOT selected in debugger.  This happens for multiple people on multiple machines.

     Both files are on FM server, although the 2nd file isn't actively 'hosted' (i.e. it doesn't show on the list of open DBs).  Server is FMSA 12.03.  Clients are both Pro and Pro Advanced, 12.04.

     Any ideas?