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Script or another way to automate

Question asked by BCarruth on May 29, 2013
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Script or another way to automate


     Hi all,

     Using the following data, I need to know how to insert a character "###" after each set of matching records.

     The "Route Number" Field has several addresses with the same route number assigned.

     There are many "Route Numbers" in the database of records. 

     I would like to place the three ### after each set of the same route numbers to act as a break in software we are using. Here is example of what I need. The data is all there except for the "Bundle Break" field.

                    Load Code                     Route Number                     Address                     City                     State                     Zip                     Bundle Break                      
                    GO1                     1                     XXXXXXX                     XXXXX                     OR                     XXXXX                                            
                    GO1                     1                     XXXXXXX                     xxxxxx                     OR                     


                    GO2                     1                     XXXXXXX                     xxxxxx                     OR                     XXXXX                     ###                      
                    GO2                     2                     XXXXXXX                     XXXXX                     OR                     XXXXX                                            
                    GO2                     2                     XXXXXXX                     XXXXX                     OR                     XXXXX                     ###                      
                    GO3                     3                     XXXXXX                     XXXXX                     TX                     XXXXX                                            
                    GO3                     3                     XXXXXXX                     XXXXX                     TX                     XXXXX                     ###                      

     File has 6282 records.

     I don't do this every day so I am not even sure that I even know where to start.