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    Script or Code for PDF files



      Script or Code for PDF files


      Here is my question.

      I have a database for credit card receipts, it stores the receipt and other information. The stored receipt is in PDF format. I want to take a couple of field information assigned to that receipt and have it put in text on the receipt. Does anyone know how I would make a code or script to do this. I am a novice at best to Filemaker and to sql or any other coding. I appreciate any help on this. 


      Example is I have a charge code table, a receipt table and vendor table. I want to take the charge code field, the vendor field and the amount field and place them on the receipt without having to go into the receipt and type this information again. I just want it to be pulled from the database and placed on the receipt. 


      Thank you,


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          If no one can help me with the code, can anyone tell me if it is even possible to do so I dont spend hours upon hours trying to figure it out when it is not possible.


          Thanks in advance.


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            The best options would be to create a layout called receipt. Put all of the necessary information in here to generate the receipt.


            Then use filemaker to generate the receipt and then use the save records as PDF function to generate the pdf when it is required.


            You can still store the receipt in filemaker, but it is recommended to store the recipt files in a directory on your computer and link to the file from filemaker so as not to bloat your database.


            The only other option is the pdf manipulator plugin http://www.softpedia.com/get/Office-tools/Other-Office-Tools/PDF-Manipulator-plugin.shtml although i have not used this and cannot vouch for its capabilities.

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              It is a scanned receipt, like from lowe's. Darn oh well no big deal.

              The only problem with linking it to a directory is then The information is not portable for me. I use a laptop and we do not have a VPN connection so I would either have to store the information on my laptop (which would mean no regular backups onto the server) or store them on the server and not have access to them when I am working from home. 


              I figure if I just duplicate the database every year instead of just having one for all receipt. 

              Currently this is just for my use. If it becomes something others will use I will have to make the adjustments later. 


              Thank you for your response. 

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                   The pdf plugin I mentioned does allow for some manipulation of PDF documents, howver with limited experience and knowledge in FM database programming you might find it all pretty tricky.
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                  Howdy sweetcuda,


                  I haven't tried what you're trying, but it seems like it would be fairly straightforward.


                  1. Have a layout with the pdf'd receipt in a containor field so that it shows up in the layout. 

                  2. Have another field elsewhere in the layout where it is most often blank (very very top or very very bottom, etc.). 


                  Once the pdf shows up in the layout, and the charge code field shows up in the layout also, now print to pdf and create a second pdf file of the coded receipt.


                  How to insert a code into the original scanned receipt pdf file?...?...I'm not sure I would want to, leave originals untouched...you may need them later.


                  hope this helps in some way...


                  PS- look through the older threads on this board regarding REFERENCING pdf's rather than INSERTING pdf's.  It makes a huge impact on your file size.