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Script or relationship help?

Question asked by schnook on Aug 28, 2014
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Script or relationship help?


     Hello All

     They have coned me back again with a new management, lets see what happens this time.

     Now to the point, I need help with either a script or relationship setup or another way of doing something.

     We are using FMPA11 on win7 pc's, we have a vessel logon database what that is , is when a boat go out for the day they log on with us for the day and on their return they log off like the Coast Guard but we are all volunteers here. We have 2 databases a Membership database and a New Radio Log database which (see attached images) which are joined by the From field of the New Radio Log database  to the vessel registration field in the Membership database. Now what the problem is, is that when a member sells their boat (vessel) and the new boat rego is entered in their membership all the previous vessel records in the Radio Log database go blank. What I have though of doing is adding a 2 vessel details layout to enter the new vessel details in (Vessel Details 2 layout ), how can I have the Radio Log bring up the new vessel details from Vessel Details 2 layout, this is so as we don't loose pervious vessel records from their old boat.


     Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.