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Script or Relationship issue?

Question asked by the606_1 on Apr 8, 2014
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Script or Relationship issue?



     Im stuck.

     I have two tables; Student reports & Report setup.

     In report setup there are 5 fields Year, English Comment, French comment. entry date (auto timestamp) and comment number (auto serial)

     In student reports there are many fields but these include student ID (unique), English comment1, English comment 2, French comment 1, French comment 2, Year and a few others.

     The two tables are related using the year field (on the form I only want comments from the selected year to appear).

     Basically I need to save the English\French comments into the student reports table based on which English comment or comment number is chosen from the dropdown list (this is because we need to keep the reports against each student but the comments change every so often and I cannot have an ever increasing numbered list of comments as this will be unmanageable for the teachers).

     So, how can I achieve this?

     I can obviously save the one selected in the dropdown but I need to save both.

     Thanks, any help greatly appreciated.