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Script parameter

Question asked by DirkJanssen on Sep 4, 2009
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Script parameter


Hello all,

and thanks in advance for all answers to my first post. I have following problem:

I have a database connected to a MySQL database and created layouts to search and enter data to the SQL database. So far, so good!

Now I search for a certain record and the entry matching the search criteria are properly displayed. Connected with this record are several addresses from a table called crm_users. These users have different roles in connection with the found record. I don't want to display all connected addresses, but only the ones with a certain role (which are stored in a table called crm_user_roles.

My idea was to create a button with which I can call up different roles and display the addresses accordingly. I did this with a script invoked by pressing the button using Get related record and then filter the found data with a script parameter defining the role of the address, but that seems not to work. Any ideas?



FM Version: Filemaker Pro 9
FM Skill: Novice
OS: Mac