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Script Parameter Function

Question asked by ttumbles on Nov 14, 2008
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Script Parameter Function


I have a small script  (see bold text below) that finds any "blank" fields in a found set of records for an annual report.

I have around 30+ fields that I will run this script on looking for blanks but each one has to be done separately.   The ONLYdifference between the script for one field and another is the CONSTRAIN FOUND SET (line 3)


Is there a way to use the Get (Script Parameter) function or something else to do the CONSTRAIN FOUBND SETso that I can eliminagte all but one script?????  The script below looks for blanks in the field "Z08_DOB".


Set Error Capture (On)


Perform Script (Find all records for annual report)


Constrain Found Set[Specified Find Requests: Find Records: Criteria: CUBMAIN::Z08_DOBB; "="] [Restore]


If GFet (Last Error) = 401


Show Custom Dialog[Message:"G O O D !";  "OK";  "Cancel" ]


Exit Script


End If


Go to Layoiut ("Annual Report" (CUBMAIN)]


Show Custom Dialog[Message:"Field(s0 cannot be blank.!";  "OK";  "Cancel" ]

Exit Script


THANKS IN ADVANCE for all your help!


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