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    Script Parameter in portal buttons



      Script Parameter in portal buttons


      I recently purchased some pre-made layouts for Filemaker to speed up my workflow, however, I've come across Script Parameters that I don't understand at all. Can anybody please explain what this is and how it works? 

      Script Parameter: /*# ( "totalPortalRecords" ; Count ( Theme 2::ID ) ) & # ( "objectName" ;  "portal.nav" )*/

      This is found in a button on a Customer Portal list. The portal is set to Table Occurance 2 of the Customer records and so is the name field. The button should go to the related record on the same layout as the portal. 

      Thanks for any help on this.

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          Well, the script parameter sends information that is then used by the script.

          The leading and trailing /* */ indicates that everything between has been "commented out". You are passing a blank script parameter at the moment.

          This particular parameter is using custom functions to encode the information in a specific way. # is a custom function. Do you have it installed? If you do, you can remove the /* and it should work. If not you need to install the # custom function.

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            That makes sense. I kinda figured that these, /* */, were making it a comment. No, I don't have the customer function, or even know what it's supposed to do. I think it allows the selected row in the portal to be highlighted when on the current record. 

            Thanks for your help. I'll have to figure out what the custom function is.

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              Do you have FileMaker Pro Advanced? If not you can't use custom functions. The custom function name is simply the # symbol. It allows you to pass parameters to scripts by naming them.

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                 I don't have Filemaker Advanced, however, someone I know does. I'm under the impression I can create a custom function with Advanced, install it into the database, and use the database file with Filemaker Pro and still have the ability to use the Custom Function. Is this correct?