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    Script pause/Resume help needed



      Script pause/Resume help needed


           I have built a script which is triggerd and then paused until another button resumes it.

           I have the script working ok but I have to click continue on the menu bar to complete the script

           Any ideas how this can be completed within the script?

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               It may be helpful to put up a screenshot of your edit script window.  Also a Screenshot of the screen where the menu bar shows the continue button.

                It's probably something as simple as a box that needed to be checked (or unchecked).


               Why does the script pause?

               Do you have a script step to pause the script, or is it pausing to wait for information or some other action?

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                 You can also continue a paused script by pressing the Enter key (numeric keypad) on your keyboard or clicking a button you put on the layout can resume the paused script if you select the "Resume" option for the button.