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Script Printing Issues

Question asked by GraysonSmith on May 21, 2015
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Script Printing Issues



    I'm running a FMP script to help print my records. My script is messing up and keeps printing all records instead of what I need.

A little backround for the coding:

Table is called Task Bank
I have two fields that are used in the script:

ADTAB Search - A global storage field that is on a list view of my records that runs a script when saved called "ADTAB | Quick Find". The script is below and works fine.

Record Reference - A serial auto-entry field that just assigns a numerical value to the record. (e.g. 001, 002, etc.)

See links below for the code, links to a code sharing site

Print script    Search Script

I just need help understanding why this isn't sorting out correctly. Any script suggestions would be lovely.