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    Script Problem



      Script Problem


           I have a layout where users may make choices among Contacts by entering a Yes into a Select column.

           When user has chosen the Contacts desired, user clicks a button to run the attached script...which doesn;t work.

           My intention is to do a Find on the "Yes's", then create records for each selection in a referrals table to keep a permanent record of the selections. When this works I will also write a report to list data about the Contacts.

           What happens is that I create Referrals for the records i selected, but all but the 1st created record has no data in it.

           It seems obvious that I am in fact losing the focus on my Found set after performing the first Create, but I don't know how to cycle thru the found set.


           Any help greatly appreciated!



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               Your scripts look correct. If you have FileMaker Advanced, enable the script debugger and run this script to see if any script trigger performed scripts pop up and interfere.

               The change to and from layouts can trip quite a few different triggers if they should be set on either of the two layouts involved here.

               If you don't have advanced, you might try temporarily adding a bunch of show custom dialog steps to your script to both pause the script and display some text that tells you where you script is at each point where a custom dialog appears.

               PS. The Show All Records step on line 3 is not needed, if you remove it, you'll get the same results as if you leave it in.