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Script Problem

Question asked by RonaldCarr on Apr 26, 2013
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Script Problem


     I have a layout where users may make choices among Contacts by entering a Yes into a Select column.

     When user has chosen the Contacts desired, user clicks a button to run the attached script...which doesn;t work.

     My intention is to do a Find on the "Yes's", then create records for each selection in a referrals table to keep a permanent record of the selections. When this works I will also write a report to list data about the Contacts.

     What happens is that I create Referrals for the records i selected, but all but the 1st created record has no data in it.

     It seems obvious that I am in fact losing the focus on my Found set after performing the first Create, but I don't know how to cycle thru the found set.


     Any help greatly appreciated!