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Script Problem - Anyone can help?

Question asked by DummyRabbit on Jul 24, 2011
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Script Problem - Anyone can help?


I have 2 date field (Date1 & Date2) and 2 Scripts (Script 1 & Script 2)

Database name as Database

I want to create a new script (Main Script)

Same Date - Run Script 1

Different Date - Run Script 2

I  created a Main Script to decide to run Script 1 or Script 2

Problem: No matter The date is same or different, it still run only script 1

Is there any problem to my script?Help check below, I think the script shouldn't be written like this, but this is only what i can think of, please help.

Main Script details:


If [Database::Date1 = Database::Date2]

    Perform Script ["(Execute) Script 1"]

    Exit Script

End If

If [ Databse::Date1 ≠ Database::Date2]

   Perform Script ["(Execute) Script 2"]

   Exit Script

End If