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Script Question

Question asked by dinora on Mar 28, 2009
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Script Question


I am building a layout which will have options to create new records on other tables from this layout


For example

From my city Table -  I display the airports that serve this city and also I display the hotels located in this city -  (two portals) one for airport and one for city


In the event an airport or a hotel is not on the list - I want to be able to show a button to create an airport and a button to create a hotel -  So far I have accomplished this


What I want is when this new window opens to create lets say a hotel - I want to have two buttons one that say done once I am finished entering the new hotel or if cancel if I want to return to the previous layout


My question is can I have a general script to accomplishes the done button and the cancel button so that I can apply it for the airport and the hotel?  Or do I have to create a script for each -