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    Script question



      Script question


      I wrote this script and it works however I have 15 repeating fields for each record and this only seems to work off the first field. Is there any way I could make this go through all 15 field and note if the last 3 position numbers were different. This way the field might show administration/engineering services



      Let (

      p = Right ( Position#; 3) ;

      p < 100 ; "Administration";
      p < 300 ; "Project Development/Planning";
      p < 400 ; "Engineering Services";
      p < 500 ; "Right of Way";
      p < 600 ; "Construction";
      p < 800 ; "Maintenance";
      Other )



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          There's a function called "GetRepetition" that you can use to check each repetition in a loop.


          However, as I think has been recommended to you elsewhere, it would be much, much easier for you to split your data into a related table where each record stores the data for one repetition.