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Script running through finds from a dos dir command needs help

Question asked by IainMacgranthin on Jan 4, 2013
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Script running through finds from a dos dir command needs help


     I have a file which is a dir output from dos containing filenames plus directory structure.

     I am housekeeping a directory with subfolders and converted files from ts to mp4

     I want to find similar name files and action the original based on its extension.

     The problem is twofold:

  1.           The directory structure contains "\", and I don't know how to have this treated as a simple char rather than a reserved char
  3.           I want to go through each find set, check the filetype (already defined in a separate field), and then return to the next record from the whole set, having marked off any records examined as 'processed', but I do not know how to recover the position. I tried setting a variable ($$recid), but when I try to use this with goto record it comes up in the dialog as zero second time around, even though the variable is being correctly assigned.

     (just to add some files have a conversion extension on the filename, e.g. "filename - converted", so exact matches on filename (minus extension) will not catch all. I am ok with this, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone suggested help that involved it)

     I havent added the action part as yet, I am just trying to egt the loop to work correctly:

     At the moment, these are the 2 blockers to my script - any help?