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Script step "Send Mail" is not working correctly

Question asked by AlanSmith_1 on May 28, 2013
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Script step "Send Mail" is not working correctly



     On the subject of formatting the text for the "Send Mail" script step, I've run into a problem with a simple script or 1 step format of a button.

     The problem didn't exist with the Apple program Mail v2.1.3 in OSX Tiger, but it does exist in Mail v4.6 in OSX Snow Leopard, using the same script.  In the Mail program, under it's Preferences, then Fonts & Colors, the Message font is set to Arial 16 Plain or any other font & size combo.  

     In FileMaker, when setting up the script step's, "Send Mail" Options in the Message portion, enter plain text of any length.  Save it, save the script then Perform that script.

     The problem is that when the script is performed, the text in the Message/Body area of the eMail get's automatically set to Helvetica 12 Plain.  Then, if all or part of that text is selected and attempted to be set to the correct font and size, it wont change.  If it's all highlighted, copied and pasted back in, it still can't be changed.  If it get's erased, and typed in, it comes up as Arial 16 Plain like it should.

     This can either be the format of the text that's automatically added by the FileMaker script or a problem in the version of Mail (v4.6) included in OSX 10.6.8(Snow Leopard).  In the older version of Mail, the FMPro script works the way it should.

     If there's a feature I've missed in FMPro or Mail, to get this to work correctly, please let me know.  Thanks.