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Script Step - Printer Setup: a question

Question asked by ralvy on Feb 3, 2010
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Script Step - Printer Setup: a question


I want a particular script to produce a report in Landscape mode. I have the following steps in there:


1. Print Setup (without dialog) that sets it to Landscape mode

2. Preview Mode that allows the user to preview various pages

3. Print with dialog


In any new session, when the the user first runs the script that has those three steps, aren't they always confronted with the printer selection I was forced to set when creating step 1 above? 


That is, suppose I have HP3030 as my default printer here when I create that script, and I allow that to be the selection I see when creating step 1. Now my client runs it on their computer, where they have an Epson1100 as their default printer. They change the printer selection in step 3 and everything works fine for each printing that session. But aren't they confronted with having to change it again tomorrow, when they start up my solution and run that script again?