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Script step bypass if file is open and being hosted

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Apr 5, 2012
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Script step bypass if file is open and being hosted


Hey guys,


I have an open script, that sets the Nic Address in a field and another field that has an encrypted code that locks the solution to the computer it installed on.  The file will always be hosted by the same computer and accessed by the other pc's through the open remote.  What I would like to accomlish is have the script perform the way it does when it is first opened by the first user, then If someone goes through the open remote to login to the open file it bypasses the perform script step I have in place to keep it locked to the computer.  The problem is, if it performs that script, it sets the resets the Nic address of the computer trying to access it through the open remote, and the encrypted code does not match the the Nic address it is encrypted to and the file wil not open corectly.  So I guess it would have to check somehow to see if there are any current users first befor my perform script, or something along those lines, but not quite sure how to write it.