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    script step with multiple finds



      script step with multiple finds



      I am trying to write a script that performs a find on one field and then add another find that omits records from another field. But when I change the next step to be "omit" it still adds the next step as an "and". What am I missing here.

      And, when I add another AND step to a prior one, it reorders the steps in the script, moving the second request up to the top of the list. Any help would be appreciated. 





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          Can you post the script?  For example, if you want to find everyone in California, then only show the people in Los Angeles, you should be using Constrain in your second find request.  One way:

          Perform Find (Restore) <<your find criteria

          Constrain Found Set (Restore) <<your omit criteria


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            I don't see constrain as an option when in the script mode. I guess it is the same as omit?

            I am simply trying to create a script where I have two AND finds and an additional one that omits certain records in the found set and the two and finds. In other words. all members who are active and live in the US. Then omit the ones who do not want to be on the printed list.

            I have three fields   

            status which is active or inactive

            country which is US or foreign countty

            do not print which is yes or no.

            so. i am finding active, US and then I want to omit the do not prints but i cannot get the script step to allow an omit and overtime I add a new step it also places it first in order. I am sure this a simple thing but I cannot get it to work. 



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              There is more than one way to do a Find in a script. The shortest is to use only the one step:

              Perform Find [ Restore ], with the "requests" within it, seen by double-clicking on that step. You see each Find Request, and any Omit Requests as the last line(s). The must be as the last lines; as any regular find after an "omit" would overwrite it's attempt. 

              I used a database I have to show these tests, so the names are different; but I think these are similar to your Find. These both work the same (and as expected).

              One script step:

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                As multiple script steps; takes up much more room, but is more easily readable (if you're going thru looking at a script).

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                  I know this is going to sound idiotic, but I cannot get the omit to show up.

                  I do a perform find or enter find mode (either one) script step

                  I click on find all active members. then when I try to do add a request to add another field to omit it just adds an AND or it reverts the original find request to omit. I am at wits end here. I have tried everything I know how to do to make the second request show as omit, but it refuses to do so. I have another script where the omit step is working, so i have done this before, but I have been trying for hours to do this. 


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                    I was able to use the longhand approach and get it to work. I cannot thank you enough. It doesn't explain why the "shorthand" version would not omit a record, but that will be for another day. Again, many many thanks for your help.