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    Script Suggestions?



      Script Suggestions?


      Does anyone know of a script that when i log into the database it auto opens a document without showing the previous one done. When i log in i can see the last one my boss did i want to only see a new one every time i log in. 


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          What kind of Document?

          Is this document stored in a container?

          How do you know if the "previous one" is done? Or do you want new copy open every time?

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            I have several say closeout forms. It is its own table. So when i have a tech do a form i dont want them to see what a previous tech had done. I need a new copy every time. 

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              Then we are talking about records, not documents. Wink

              In File | File Options, you can specify that a script run when it opens. You can write a script that first goes to the layout for your closeout form and then uses New Record/Request to create a new record for this form. If you have other users that should not have this take place when they open the file, you can include an if step to check privilegeset names and only do this when the privilegeset name indicates that this user is a tech.